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    Shanghai Voicetune InfoTech Co., Ltd is a high-tech company with a set of speech recognition processing, image recognition processing, ciphergraph, and robotics research. Currently, the company has two main businesses as followed:

     (一)Voicetune software division          (二)Voicetune robot division

         (一)Voicetune Software Division

              Voicetune software division grew out of Voicetune voice division, which successively developed image recognition technology with independent intellectual property rights and ciphergragh called magic feet encryption algorithm on the basis of the speech recognition technology.

    Since its inception in 2002, Voicetune has been committed to the development and marketing of voice technology of independent intellectual property rights and the products, and has a number of patented technologies, including two national patents of the United States, five national patents of China. In order to ensure a stable source of technology, Voicetune respectively established voice technology research and application joint laboratories in Zhejiang University and Shanghai University. Voicetune has world-class speech recognition technology and a professional development team, which chief researchers have worked for Bell Labs of the United States and other research institutions. The company successfully applied its speech recognition technology to toys, small appliances, furniture and other fields. At present, the company has successfully developed voice-controlled changeover switch, voice control remoter, voice dialing phone, voice locker, voice lamp and other products.

    In 2011, the company successfully developed the world's leading magic feet encryption technology with feedback mechanism of ciphergraph, which can effectively reduce channel bandwidth and provide ciphergraph with high-strength privacy protection, which can be widely used to low cost IC card encryption, cloud computing network protection and data integrity verification. With this technology, Voicetune developed data coffer DataZipherTM, webmail NetZipherTM, virtual data warehouse VirtualZipherTM and other products.

    In 2013, Voicetune begun to address another international technical problem - image recognition technology VTAIR, which utilizes HOG descriptor technology, and achieved satisfactory recognition results. This technology has simple algorithm, small amount of calculation, faster speed, ideal detection effect of fuzzy image edge, and can be widely applied to toys, robot vision navigation, attendance machine, camera, access control systems and other intelligent devices, image search of large database, precision instrument, medical image processing, sonar radar image processing in military field, etc.

     (二)  Voicetune Robot Division

     Voicetune Robot Division was initiated by three doctors from Bell labs and one researcher from Chinese Academy of Science, who have over 10 years experience of research and project management in this field, with main business development and integrated application of commercial service robot.

     With the rapid development of computer science and artificial intelligence technology, intelligent robot technology becomes the main area and hot spot in modern robotics research. There are three main reasons in the appearance of service robots: First, the rise in labor costs; second, people want to get rid of boring human manual labor, like cleaning, housework, etc.; third, the population aging and the improvement of social welfare system provide broad market prospect for some robots. A key feature that the service robot is different from industrial robot is that service robot is a robot system suitable for concrete ways, the environment and the task process. Its activity space is broad, with mobility in unstructured environment, so most of the service robots are mobile robots. The key point of Voicetune robot division is the technical integrated applications of image processing, speech processing, sensor technology, automatic control and computer processing capabilities, wireless networks, and to develop the current so-called robot into a truly intelligent robot and put our emphasis into the market.

    Our Goals

    Sharing the advanced technology with more people is our responsibility.

    Lining up the world is our dream.

    Our Values

    Honesty ---- integrity and reliable; reputation first  

    Endeavour ---- forge ahead with quality

    Cooperation ---- unity and hard work with all effort    

    Innovation ---- innovation and excellence

    Our Mission

    Customers’ commend is our countership!


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