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    Warmly congratulate to the general manager won the "2010 Shanghai Talent Development funding certif

    March 7, 2011, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Shanghai Municipal issued the Shanghai Human Resources and Social special document (2011) No. 157 published the personnel list getting Shanghai Talent Development funding in 2010. Warmly congratulate to the general manager Zhao received this funding.

    Our general manager Zhao is good educated and in good moral, also has strong electronic information background and practical experience and capability to perform teaching, research and management in both company and academy.

             General manager Zhao’s resume: 1991 Mathematics Doctor from Shanghai Technology University, and postdoc in the math department of Zhejiang University, 1993 Vice professor in the mathematics department of Fudan University. 1997 work in Bell labs as an exchanging scholar, tutored by Dr. Sunil Gupta, master of digital speech processing. 2001 technical manager in the Shanghai branch of Bell labs, worked in DSP and ASR, and hosted the software and handling hardware of language teacher. Publish more than 20 papers in domestic and foreign journals, 1 book, and advanced award 3rd place twice of national teaching and science council. Apply 5 domestic invention patens, 3 invention patents of the United States. The first patent in the US also won the special award and authorized the certificate by Dr. Xu Jun, Bell Labs President of Asia Pacific. Win the golden president award of US Bell labs. Join in Voicetune in 2013 as the leading technical specialist.

    The funded projects: "Voicetune noise speech recognition software V1.1" research and development of the application. General manager Zhao hosted the project development work, in charge of the project research, laboratory and product realization phase. The project is focused on the development of small vocabulary, to improve the recognition rate mainly by improving the structure of the speech recognition algorithm, the code has advantages of small resource, fast speed, high recognition rate, etc., to adapt to all types of application development in middle and low chip, widely applied in areas of voice toys, small appliances, home wares, PDA voice input and inquiry, voice dialing name of phone and fixed phone, vehicle-mounted voice control and voice data query system. The project has clear prospect, and we will provide the best technology and the best prices to adapt the market demand and meet the development needs.


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