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    Warmly congratulations to "Voicetune interactive recognition software of 2.4G network communication

    A cultural and creative industry is an emerging industry with the core of creativity under context of economic globalization, it emphasizes a host culture or cultural factors rely on their own (team) through technology, innovation and industrialization of the way development, marketing and intellectual property sectors. Cultural and creative industry includes radio and television, animation, audio and video, media, visual arts, performing arts, craft and design, sculpture, environmental art, advertising and decoration, costume design, software and computer services and other aspects of the creative community. “National’ the eleventh Five-Year’ period culture development outline" clearly put forward the national development of cultural and creative industry in the main task, the major cities have also introduced policies to support and promote the development of cultural and creative industry.

    In 2014, the company filed "Voicetune interactive animation toys 2.4G network communications recognition software" Project with main contents: improve the technological content in animation extension products and rich functionality and fun of cartoon toys, add 2.4G network communication function on the basis of the original recognition function, to achieve six node network interworking accessibility, realization of human interaction with the toys, toys and intelligent toys, and gradually increase and improve the walkie-talkie function, vibration function recognition and other emerging technologies. The project can also include built-in multi-language recognition, to improve international animation products output and competitive advantages.


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