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  •     Technical description: Image recognition is a computer technology for image processing, analysis, and understanding, in order to identify the target of various modes.

    Recognition process includes image preprocessing, image segmentation, feature extraction and matching judgment. In simple terms, image recognition is how the computer read the contents of the picture like people. With the image recognition technology, we cannot only acquire information faster through pictures searching, can also produce a new way to interact with the outside world, and even make the outside world operated more intelligently. Image recognition includes bar code identification, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, dynamic object recognition in intelligent transportation and so on. Image recognition technology is equivalent to an extension of the human visual perception, belonging to an important area of artificial intelligence. With the rapid development of computer and information science and technology, image recognition technology has gradually become a basic technology of artificial intelligence. Its relevant technical fields are increasingly wide, and the application has become even more deeply. The VTAIR image recognition technology developed by Voicetune is mainly used in:

       1.      toys

    2.         Robot (visual navigation)

    3.         Intelligent Device (attendance machines, cameras, access control systems, etc.)

    4.     The image searching (large database)

    5.       Precision Instruments (engineering survey, accurate positioning)

    6.         Medical (image processing)

    7.        Military (sonar radar image processing)


    Representative products: the standard image recognition product

    1) The built-in camera can recognize the card content, such as: skills-based card, feeding type card, and form type card

    2) Support: SD card, U disk expansion, USB download

    3) MP3 Player

           4) Camera functions (photo and video)

            - Save to SD card

            - Can also color display

    5) Sound recording, parrot function

    6) Speech recognition function

           7) Capable for load-in infrared module, 2.4G module, vibration switches and other regular features:


    1, apply image description application technology (SIFT (scale invariant feature transform) descriptors, HOG descriptors (histogram of oriented gradient), Fourier descriptors.

    2, the application of neural network adaptive matching technology

    3, CMOS camera supports CCIR601 and CCIR656 interfaces;

    4, JPEG codec supports ISO / IEC 10918-1 international JPEG standard;

    5, support for start-up mode: SD, Nand Flash, SPI Flash, USB;

    6, VPOST support 8/16/18/24 bit synchronous type and 8/9/16/18/24 bit microprocessor type TFT LCD

    7, support for multiple images simultaneously recognition

    8, there is a corresponding version of each mainstream embedded platform;

    9, support a variety of mainstream processors;


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