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  •         cryptography is a topic related to information security and other related issues, such as authentication, the core of access control. The primary purpose of cryptography is to hide information’s meaning, not to hide the existence of the information. Cryptography also promotes computer science, especially the technology used in computer and network security, such as access control and informational confidentiality. Cryptography has been used in daily life: including ATM chip card, access password for computer users, e-commerce and so on. Our R & D personnels have begun the research in the field of cryptography as early as 1995, and used to publish "arithmetic coding and data encryption", and applied for domestic patents "a system and device of public key encryption ", "A New Kind scheme and device of digital signature "," bit compression and encryption method and devices ", and successfully applied for patents in the United States," the variable sized key with the method and apparatus ". After years of constant exploration and research, a magic feet encryption algorithm has been able to apply to commercial use.

    Representative products: data coffer DataZipherTM, webmail NetZipherTM and virtual data warehouse VirtualZipherTM 


    1. The maximum effective key variable-length keys up to 1024 bits or more, greatly enhanced password security.

    2. All use addition, logic negation and shift operation, easy hardware implementation, especially suitable for low-cost hardware development, and especially suitable for low-cost IC card encryption.

    3. The variable-length secret table design can increase and decrease elastically the password security

    4. For the plain text, it can provide about 50% of compression; for encryption protected cloud network, it can effectively reduce about half of the channel wide band and cloud storage capacity, so it especially suitable for the protection of the cloud computing network.

     Since the algorithm of this technology can produce 256-1024 bit hash value, it can be used for data integrity verification.



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