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  •        Wireless communication is a communication method using the feature that characteristic electromagnetic signals can propagate in free space to exchange information, and the wireless communication realized in mobile called mobile communication, so people put the two together referred to as wireless mobile communication. Accompanied with WLAN, Bluetooth, UWB, ZigBee, RFID these short-range wireless technology is increasingly mature, wireless communication technologies is playing an increasingly important role in the automation control and family informationization field.

            2.4G wireless technology, the frequency is between 2.405GHz-2.485GHz (science, medicine, agriculture). Therefore, it’s called 2.4G wireless technology. 2.4GHz transmission rate is comparable to Bluetooth, which power consumption is greatly reduced, and fully open network protocol. Voicetune 2.4G network communication protocol has adopted the closed protocol of communication. Compared with Bluetooth, zigbee and other heavy networking protocol, the closed protocol has lower cost, does not need to pay high royalties like using Bluetooth. Because it is a closed technology, its safety performance is higher. Closed protocol also has some crucial advantages. The first one is cost. Closed protocol doesn’t have a lot of protocol stack, which allows them to use smaller, cheaper microprocessor. Low cost leads to a price advantage, and then facilitates the expansion of product promotion.


         Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a wireless communications technology that can recognize specific target by radio signals and to read and write data without the establishment of mechanical or optical contact between recognition system and the specific target. Conceptually, RFID is similar to bar code scanning, and for the bar code technology, it is encoded in the bar code attached to the object and use a dedicated reader to scan the information using light signals transmitted by the magnetic stripe reader to scan device; RFIID technology can be widely used in logistics and supply management, manufacturing and assembling, airline baggage handling, mail / express parcel processing, document tracking / library management, animal identity, sports timing, access control / electronic ticket, automatic road charger, card, warehousing plastic pallets, baskets moderate fields.


    dancing elf sweetie

    1) Voice interact with the dancing elf

    2) Fun game, Figure know things, live music, interesting reading and other exciting content

    3) Learn songs, poetry, English, and dance under the guidance of software and toys, and the toy can dance under controlling.

    4) Learn encyclopedic knowledge, participate in quizzes in the magic house game, exercises the child's ability to learn from different perspective, to help the children broaden horizons and enhance interest in learning.


    Pebbles Fancy:

    1) Interactions among toys, IPAD, cards and children

    2) Toy has voice recognition function can be implemented separately, and can connect and interact with IPAD

    3) Children can open APP, enter three different games, there are three-dimensional display in ipad through scanning, English words matching and English spelling matching.

    4) Consolidate and learn English gradually in games


    Swing bed

    1) 2.4G Smart Care

    2) Temperature Tipi detection

    3) Humidity bedwetting detection

    4) Self-driven shaker swing, swing controllable

    5) Story Machine mp3 player

    6) With TF card, U disk expansion

    7) Bright Lamp

    2.4G 无线互联方案.jpg

    Bear here

    1) An individual toy has voice chat function

    2) Built-in vibration switches, sensors shaking, tapping and other activities

    4) Two or more Toys can achieve 2.4G wireless Internet

    5) Intercom function


    1. Internet no-barrier communication of 2.4G six nodes, realizing the interaction between man and toys, toys and toys

    2. RFID identification fast and stable

    3. Able to built-in multi-language recognition

    4. Integrate speech recognition, image recognition, and other advanced technology with independent intellectual property rights, to enhance the technical of products for customers.


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