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    one-stop service

    Service value:
    Shanghai Voicetune InfoTech Co. Ltd is a high-tech enterprise with a collection of voice recognition technology, image recognition processing technology, password technology, as well as robotics research and development. Company with "honest, enterprising, cooperation, innovation" as business purposes, follow to high-tech as a starting point, technology as the core concept, adhering to the stability and development, realistic and innovative spirit to offer one-stop service for customers from product design and development, proofing to production goods, shipping and after-sales tracking.

    Technical power:
    Dr. Zhao Fengguang founded Voicetune, which is a high-tech company of software technology development and application. The company was founded in 2002, committed to the mathematical algorithm, developed Voicetune voice recognition software system, achieved a huge sales performance. In the global scope, the technology of speech recognition is first applied to the toy industry, which has changed the way of communication between people and toys. Company is committed to speech recognition accuracy, sensitivity, anti-noise and how to apply to civil and other fields of research, through mathematical algorithm to identify elements of the speech, so as to realize the speech recognition, and achieved breakthrough results, has won the national and Shanghai innovation fund support twice, Shanghai seed fund support, the high-tech achievements transformation project support, and won the title of high-tech enterprises in Shanghai in 2010. Dr. Zhao Fengguang also has been awarded the Shanghai talent fund award and the total trade unions of science and technology innovation award in 2011, because of its special contribution to the Shanghai city. Since 2013, the company has completed the development of image recognition technology and cryptography technology with independent intellectual property rights.

    Service contents:
    1.Products development one-stop service
    1)Customize the technical protocol
    2)Script design for customers
    3)Products’ dubbing
    4)Products development and in-depth testing
    5)Chip programming and technical support of product assembling
    2.raining service
      Voicetune provides in-site instruction service according to the requirements of customers and products, such as chip bonding, products assembling, products assisting tests, etc.
    Phone:021-55540908,  021-55541108

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